Death Trash is a post-apocalyptic RPG where cosmic horrors crave humanity but are usually met by punks with shotguns.

It is a twisted game inspired by post-apocalyptic classics, cyberpunk, sci-fi, horror and grotesque fantasy. It also hits Steam Early Access in early 2020.

In Death Trash, humankind took to space and has settled on a new planet called Nexus. But Nexus isn’t without its secret, of stone, metal, and flesh. An ancient civilization has installed machine protectors that were corrupted over eons, twisted into terrible horrors.

You play as a raider, exploring the planet’s ruins in hope for… money, probably. But you might find more than riches. According to the game’s description, “fate might lead you to the Bleeding Head Oracle, the Evergrowing Heart and towards a war with the machines, giving you the power to mend or destroy.”

You’ll also face more mundane threats, like the punks with shotguns we mentioned before. You’ll be able to deal with them using an assortment of ranged and melee weapons in real-time combat. Or you could utilize stealth or try your hand at diplomacy thanks to the multiple-choice dialogue system.

Other skills, like crafting, fast-talking, pickpocketing and even puking (that’s something you can do a lot of in Death Trash judging by the trailers) will also be of great help. Or at least great entertainment.

Death Trash

Outside of combat, you’ll visit exotic places such as the Puke Bar and the lair of the Fleshkraken. The game’s open-world is full of handcrafted “organic” levels you can explore. We’re not sure “organic” applies for the way they feel or the amount of flesh and tentacles covering the walls.

The point is, you can make Death Trash your own, by customizing your character, making choices, deciding which side-quests to do and who to kill (and who to befriend). Developer Crafting Legends says you can finish the entire game without hardly killing anyone; emphasis on the “hardly.”

Death Trash is coming to PC via Steam Early Access in early 2020. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch will get their versions a bit later.

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