Choice, consequences, and glitter are at the heart of Little Misfortune, a twisted journey full of charm where you spread happiness in a bleak world or die trying.

Little Misfortune is an adorable but morbid adventure game from the creators of Fran Bow, another morbid (slightly less adorable) adventure. It’s about a little girl and the demons she faces.

You tag along young Misfortune and the voice in her head on a quest to find eternal happiness. What follows is a funny, melancholic, and heartwarming story that proves the journey matters more than the destination.

The Pursuit of Eternal Happiness

Little Misfortune Ramírez Hernández is a happy-go-lucky child stuck in a miserable existence. Her mother is an alcoholic who often ignores her, and her father is physically abusive whenever he’s around.

One day, a mysterious voice in her head challenges her to a game – beat it, and win “Eternal Happiness.” All she has to do is get out of the house and find it. So she does and goes on an adventure full of magic, monsters, and… misfortune.

The first thing we learn about this cute little girl is that she’s an eternal optimist, spreading cheer and glitter wherever she goes. Everything she experiences is filtered through the innocence of a child. One gloomy example is how she refuses to accept someone would kill himself, and keeps addressing the dead body hanging from the ceiling as “Piñata George.”

Little Misfortune review - ghosts

The emotional conflict between Misfortune’s sparkly optimism and the terrible things the game keeps throwing at her is what makes the story and characters so compelling. Listening to her talk about her everyday life and react to what she sees along the way can be both funny and extremely sad. It makes you care more about Misfortune and might influence some decisions later on in the game. Or it might not.

No Right or Wrong, Only Consequences

The mysterious voice in Misfortun’s head, known throughout the game as “Mr. Voice,” lets you know what the game is all about from the very start. It’s about making choices and facing the consequences.

The game doesn’t have a lot going on in terms of gameplay. You won’t get stuck behind an elaborate puzzle or a tricky minigame. You do have those, but they aren’t challenging in any way. All you do is walk forward and interact with the environment.

But from time to time, you’ll have to make a decision: do you take the fish with you, or throw it back in the pond? Do you trust the weird fox you keep meeting, or do you listen to Mr. Voice’s warnings?

Little Misfortune review - Benjamin the foxy fox

There might not be any immediate consequences, but you do experience different parts of the story based on your choices.

The game isn’t very long, so it’s really easy to replay it and try different paths. You can finish it in about two hours if you skip through everything and don’t get side-tracked, though that would take the fun right out of the game. Getting Misfortune to interact with everything you can is the whole point of the game. She is the heart and soul of this adventure, and the reason to see the entire story through.

Little Miss Sunshine

A big part of why Misfortune’s ramblings and reactions are so appealing is the excellent delivery by voice actor and game developer Natalia Martinsson. She speaks with an endearing accent I can’t quite place, and fully commits to playing the role of the innocent, courageous but often oblivious Misfortune. Henrik Norman is also fantastic as the sometimes friendly, sometimes threatening Mr. Voice, and the two are responsible for much of the game’s charm.

Little Misfortune review

It’s hard not to fall in love with the characters of Little Misfortune, and the game in general. Misfortune’s story, attitude, and unique outlook on life perfectly contrast the game’s bleak themes, which makes for a twisted journey you can’t anticipate.

The game might be a little light on challenges or traditional gameplay, but it’s full of (dark) humor and heart. Little Misfortune continues along the same grim path Killmonday Games started on with Fran Bow, so if you’re into the mix of the cute and the macabre, this one is for you.

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