Jenny LeClue is out today on PC and Apple Arcade, coming soon to Switch, PS4

Mystery adventure Jenny LeClue: DetectivĂș is now available on PC and iOS through Apple Arcade. To celebrate the happy occasion, we have a new release date trailer.

The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter about five years ago, in July 2014. Backers and everyone else who’s interested in solving the mysteries of the idyllic college town of Arthurton can now play it.

Jenny LeClue tells the tale of a young detective named Jenny LeClue (not very surprising, I know). When her mother is accused of a heinous murder, Jenny sets out to clear her name. But is she ready for the truths she might discover?

This is a game about friendship, choosiness, and how growing up can blur the lines between right and wrong. Don’t let the handcrafted visuals fool you – the game isn’t afraid to tackle mature themes like loss and identity.

The game isn’t aimed only at kids, as it draws influence from classic horror and sci-fi tales.

You should know indie developer Mografi plans on releasing the game on Switch and PlayStation 4 “soon.” I don’t know how long you’ll have to wait, though.

Jenny LeClue is now available through Steam and GOG.

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