Please welcome Rusty, a kind-hearted, clumsy adventurer who accidentally starts a chain of events which threaten to destroy his world. He’s also the protagonist of action-adventure title A Knight’s Quest.

To right his wrongs, Rusty will need to solve mind-bending puzzles, fight challenging enemies, defeat huge bosses, and platform his way through a fantastic open world in this lavish take on classic action-adventure games.

Rusty will start with his trusty shield and sword, but he soon unlocks a mystical force called “Spirit Powers.” Using these powers, you’ll be able to harness fire, ice, and time to devastating effects. Transform Rusty and the world around him to get the upper hand in battle or to overcome environmental challenges.

Trusty sword and shield

If you watch at that trailer and thought A Knight’s Quest reminds you a little bit of The Legend of Zelda, that is n’t a coincidence. This action-adventure title is heavily inspired by the Zelda and Metroid games, with an emphasis on humor, exploration, and combat.

Other than drawing inspiration from Zelda, A Knight’s Quest is also a pretty-looking game. The visuals are so colorful and fun to look at while giving off a vibe of nostalgic childhood games. Both the fighting and puzzles seem approachable enough to a younger audience. They don’t seem too tough at first but keep going, and you’ll find the challenge you’re looking for.

A Knight’s Quest is heading to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this fall.

A Knight's Quest boss fight
A Knight's Quest platforming
A Knight's Quest
A Knight's Quest dungeon
A Knight's Quest

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