Killsquad, one of the more interesting games currently in early access, just received its first major update titled Unseen.

The new update adds a new game mode, new weapons, a new vendor, a Quickplay function and support for Ultrawide monitors.

The Unseen update is named after its most significant addition: the Colosseum of the Unseen. It is a Battle Arena mode with its rules, rewards, and challenges for veteran players looking for more endgame content.

Players who enter Killsquad’s Colosseum of the Unseen will face hordes of monsters they must defeat. Upon victory, players will gain reputation with the Unseen, which will lead to further rewards in upcoming updates.

Another intriguing new feature is The Wanderer, a vendor that randomly appears at the end of missions with a selection of weapons, gear, and upgrades. They are all more expensive, but buying them from The Wanderer lets you see which upgrades they unlock right away.

“We are extremely happy to be releasing the first ever major Killsquad update, which comes with features the most anticipated by our community,” said Game Director Dani Sanchez-Crespo.

“We’ve been working hard since the release in July,  to gather player feedback and UNSEEN reflects that. We’ve also expanded the team in order to meet the development demands and expect to swing into full gear with the new content in the coming weeks and months. Our vision is to use the Early Access period to communicate with players, test new ideas and finally shape Killsquad into a timeless action RPG.”

Killsquad is praised for its action-focused gameplay and exciting combat, but bugs and a small player base are holding it back. Hopefully, the addition of new content, bug fixes, and the new Quickplay option will help bring more players to this promising action RPG.

Killsquad is currently available on Steam.

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