Capcom has officially revealed a new game in the Resident Evil series – Project Resistance. According to the game’s teaser trailer, this is a “brand-new team-based survival horror experience.”

Resident Evil fans should see some resemblance between Project Resistance and Resident Evil Outbreak. Resistance does appear to be more action-oriented and might feature 4v1 multiplayer.

The teaser trailer shows four young characters, armed to the teeth, fight for their lives against monsters in what appears to be an underground lab. They carry pistols, shotguns and a couple of melee weapons. Melee weapons aren’t all that common outside of the Resident Evil Outbreak spin-offs, which does support the theory Project Resistance is an Outbreak revival.

All creatures are from the Resident Evil canon. We can see zombies, a Licker, and a T-00 variant Tyrant – also known as Mr. X. The video hints that the “evil” player might be able to actually control Mr. X, as a sort of end-level boss, which is pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any actual gameplay, but one could assume this spin-off is a four-player cooperative title like Left 4 Dead or World War Z, but with a fifth player controlling some of the special zombies. I suggest you get ready to shoot off a Licker off your teammates while screaming your heart out as you face a player-controlled Tyrant.

On the other hand, you could always be the one who unleashes hell and controls the unstoppable Mr. X. You’ll be the one laughing maniacally, and not screaming in fear.

The official website of Project Resistance reveals that the game will be shown at Capcom’s booth during the Tokyo Game Show 2019. Visitors will be treated to a first look at the gameplay, but hopefully, it will make its way to the internet for all to see soon enough.

Project Resistance will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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