Little Misfortune bringing happiness to PC on September 18

Little Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez is a happy-go-lucky girl with a sad life. Her mother drinks a bit too much, most of her friends are imaginary, and one of her toys is a rock her dad once threw at her.

But a new friend, Mr. Voice, promises her Eternal Happiness if she wins his mysterious game of consequences. And Little Misfortune is ready to play.

That’s the premise of Killmonday Games newest title, Little Misfortune. It’s a morbid adventure game, just like their previous title Fran Bow. In fact, the two games share the same universe, so you know to expect some really messed up visuals.

Judging by the new trailer, choice plays a big part in the story. As well as demonic forces, monsters, hidden trauma, and cute animals, which I’m really, really hoping will stay alive throughout the whole thing.

The trailer also reveals the game’s release date: Little Misfortune will be available through Steam, HumbleBundle, GOG, and Origin on September 18.

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