Predator: Hunting Grounds gameplay trailer shows 4v1 action

The most famous manhunter in the universe is back in a new asymmetric multiplayer shooter called Predator: Hunting Grounds.

The game’s first gameplay trailer starts with one of the most iconic songs in the Predator’s soundtrack: Long Tall Sally by Little Richard. Four soldiers jump out of a helicopter and begin hunting the local militia. Little do they know something else is hunting them.

Predator: Hunting Grounds takes place in remote areas around the globe, where the Predator hunts its most challenging prey. As mentioned, the game is an asymmetrical shooter, where four players take the role of a tactical Fireteam, and one plays as the deadly alien.

While playing as a member of an elite Fireteam, you will have to complete paramilitary operations before the Predator finds you. As the Predator, you’ll use alien technology to take down the humans one by one, just like in the movies.

This isn’t the first time a game pits a nigh-unstoppable killing machine against a group of humans. Friday the 13th: The Game did that two years ago to moderate success until publisher Gun Media announced it would stop creating new content for the game as a result of a legal dispute.

Why do I bring it up? Friday the 13th original developers, IllFonic, are the same studio behind Predator: Hunting Grounds. It’s good to see they are moving forward and continuing to let fans embody their favorite horror icons.

Predator: Hunting Grounds will be available on PlayStation 4 in 2020.

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