In a world saturated with battle royale and hero shooters, Synched: Off Planet aims to be something distinct.

The game is being developed by Next Studios, a subdivision of Tencent, and brings together elements from survival games such as World War Z or Days Gone with those of multiplayer shooters.

Synched: Off Planet takes us to a world where people have mind control chips in the back of their necks. From the looks of it, a large population of these people have become berserk and turned into mindless zombies. Using special “Sync Nodes,” the remaining humans can sync with these zombies and take control of them.

I had the chance to play the demo of Synched: Off Planet at the Nvidia RTX On press party, and to try my skills with the mind-controlling abilities of what could be a typical match in the full game.

In the demo, I started out with a pistol in a warehouse, and as I headed forward, I found a zombie which I quickly took down. Luckily, it dropped a Sync Node which I could use to take control of a horde of zombies.

As I was playing through the demo, I missed out on the fact that you can send off the zombies you control to any place on the map with a press of a button. Nevertheless, the horde of zombies that I commanded started to tackle a rival one, allowing me to slip past and pick up new weapons.

At that point, I reached an open area, where I finally encountered enemy players. From there, the game shifted in style – my first goal was to clear the landing pad to allow a ship to land. I had to take out a larger zombie, as well as other zombies and some players. I had a lot of people after me, and it led to some very intense battles – bringing me near death multiple times and making me use up most of my ammo.

Once the ship landed, I had to sync up with it as well, and survive for two minutes while the vessel was preparing to launch. After managing that, I won the match. The game often became very intense, making me feel epic and heroic for surviving and winning in the end.

The developers have said that the full game will support up to 48 players and 500 zombies at the same time, which is very impressive. It’s definitely worth looking forward to Synched: Off Planet even though it still doesn’t have a release date, and it probably won’t release any time soon.

The game is currently confirmed for the PC, and will support Nvidia RTX.

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