Gamedec is a cyberpunk RPG where you are a private detective who solves crimes in virtual worlds. It’s a video game about a video game detective.

The game is set in Warsaw during the 22nd century, a time when “reality is a relative concept and life and death have many meanings.” People may have moved on to live in virtual worlds, but their nature stayed the same, and that’s why we need Gamedecs.

Gamedecs are detectives who handle frauds, crimes, and conspiracies committed in virtual worlds. You will haunt down rich, spoiled businesspeople, mothers who want a better life for their children, or corporations with plans to rewrite humanity. You’ll solve cases involving child slavery in F2P games, and the suicide of a professional gamer.

How you solve these case, and the decisions you make along the way are crucial. Both the game world and your character’s personality will be shaped by what you choose to do. Thanks to a few classic RPG mechanics, players have the freedom to approach a situation as they see fit, and make their own deductions. How deep you dig, and who you choose to believe is entirely up to you.

Gamedec adapts to your choices in ways you might not see immediately, but you will have to deal with the consequences when we least expect them. They also emphasize the game never judges you for your choices – it’s up to you to judge yourself.

I like the concept of a detective unearthing conspiracies and “discovering extraordinary relationships between the virtual worlds and their inhabitants.” It sounds intriguing, with lots of possibilities to craft unique stories. While most of the footage and screenshots we see here depict a decrepit futuristic world, Anshar Studios teases virtual spaces inspired by the Wild West and prehistoric jungles.

We’ll see more of Gamedec at Gamescom 2019. The game will launch on PC through Steam in 2020.

Gamedec screenshot 01
Gamedec screenshot 02
Gamedec screenshot 03
Gamedec screenshot 05
Gamedec screenshot 06
Gamedec screenshot 07

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