Evade the past, welcome oblivion, make the perfect Italian coffee. These are your objectives in Still There, a newly announced sci-fi psychological adventure game by GhostShark Games.

You are Karl, a keeper at the Bento space-lighthouse. Surrounded by uncharted space, Karl lives in almost total isolation with only the wacky station’s AI Gorky to keep him company. Until a mysterious radio message breaks through his monotonous, lonely existence.

Still There is an adventure game, and you’ll need to maintain the space lighthouse by solving brain-bending puzzles of all kinds. In the trailer, we can see Karl going through a thick instruction manual, operating consoles, charting star constellations, and making coffee – all part of his daily tasks.

Developer GhostShark warns us that urine might also be involved; must be all that coffee.

Apart from your routine, you’ll also have to deal with emergency situations, make life-altering decisions, and unravel Karl’s emotional story.

At its core, this is a game about grief, depression and a lot of dark humor, and it shows. The trailer highlights a few of Karl’s more… unstable moments, which are trippy and very worrying. That’s probably why the game has the word “psychological” in its description.

“Still There is our passion project for many reasons,” Ghostshark says about their game. “It’s experimental, it’s something we truly wanted to do that contains many of our rather different perspectives, it’s weird, sarcastic, dark, metaphysical, it has a complex analytical approach to puzzles, and it brims with strong emotions, humor, and things that might break your heart.”

Still There is scheduled for release in Fall 2019 for PC and Nintendo Switch.

If you want to show your support, head over to the game’s Steam page and wishlist it. Below you can find a few screenshots of the game’s retro visuals.

Still There
Still There
Still There
Still There

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