Dark Envoy is a non-linear tactical RPG by Polish game developer Event Horizon, with influences from Divinity: Original Sin and XCOM.

The game was announced on August 6, almost two weeks before Gamescom 2019 where the developers are showing it for the first time. They hope to make as big of an impact as they can during the convention and convinces fans of the genre to pay attention.

Dark Envoy tells the story of Kaela and Kiros, two siblings who wish to explore a magical world at war between the human empire and the old races. They hop on their parents’ old airship and set out to “face whatever dungeons, challenges, and riches may come their way.”

Along the way, Kaela and Kiros will learn how to fight and build, forge friendships with key NPCs, and discover ancient relics and forgotten places.

As the player, your choices will impact the world: you can either save it or destroy it. The stories that unfold throughout your adventure will lead to multiple endings, reflecting your character’s personality and decisions.

The game will feature 15 playable classes, and players can mix different skill trees together to create almost unique variations of these classes. Not all of the classes will be playable from the start, and some will only be unlocked if you finish a specific quest-line or get to a remote location on the map.

Dark Envoy combat

Your skyship is your base of operations. Fly across the map and explore procedurally generated dungeons with optional tactical objectives. Choose where to travel wisely, as the world map adjusts over time. Locations will randomly change, becoming progressively more challenging for you and your party.

Dark Envoy can be played solo, in two-player co-op, or in a mode called Player vs. World. Here, the second player acts as the final boss seeking to destroy the leading player before they become too powerful.

Fans of the litRPG books might be excited to know the game was co-written by Michael Chatfield, an Amazon Top 100 sci-fi and fantasy writer, and a famous litRPG author. Chatfield’s involvement suggests that the non-linear aspect of the game is going to be very rich and deep, and your playthrough will feel very different from one another.

Since you can’t uncover all of the game’s content in a single playthrough, you’re going to want to play through it a few times. It’s good to know the developers have invested resources into increasing the replayability value.

Dark Envoy is set to launch in late 2020, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will be available for all to play at Gamescom 2019.

Dark Envoy combat 2
Dark Envoy's tactical combat grid

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