Are you excited for Decay of Logos? You should be. This indie title sets out to be the perfect combo between The Legend of Zelda, The Witcher, Dark Souls, and Studio Ghibli animation.

If you’re as excited as I am, then you would be glad to know that you won’t have to wait long. The small but talented team at Amplify Creations just revealed the official Decay of Logos release date via a new trailer.

Decay of Logos is an action RPG where you play as Ada. After her village is destroyed, Ada pledges revenge and teams up with a magical Elk. On her quest for vengeance, she will discover the secrets behind the dark magic that has befallen the land, while solving puzzles and battling enemies of all kinds.

Apart from giving us the release trailer, the new Decay of Logos trailer shows us a lot of interesting new locations and enemies.

I had the opportunity to play Decay of Logos last year at Gamescom, where we got to try out the battle system, which is right in between that of The Witcher 3 and Dark Souls. You can mix light and heavy attacks, use magic (which plays a lot like The Witcher’s signs), and sidestep around enemies to flank them.

decay of logos release date

The demo also showed us how Ada carries all of her gear on her person, and whatever gear she wants to keep aside can be stored with the Elk. This mechanic gives the game a unique aspect of realism.

The Dark Souls inspiration is pretty apparent – as you adventure across the land, you camp at bonfires that serve as checkpoints. If you die, you return to the bonfire while suffering from debuffs, and while resting at one, you may be attacked by enemies. Combined with a dark fantasy style, the game will surely challenge players.

Decay of Logos has several release date. It will launch on PlayStation 4 on August 27, Switch on August 29, and finally Xbox One and PC on August 30.

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