2D action RPG The Oriental Exorcist showcases its hand-drawn visuals

Chinese developer Wildfire Game and publisher Bilibili have announced The Oriental Exorcist, a 2D action RPG due on PC and PS4 next year.

The game takes place in a fictional fantasy world inspired by Asian myths, infested with demons and monsters. You play a skilled exorcist fighting against evil through a series of brutal but equally pretty levels and environments.

Thanks to a stamina system, the combat focuses more on timing and clever use of your character’s different skills. There’s no button-mushing here.

The hand-painted visuals are drawn frame by frame, giving the combat and platforming a smooth look to them. You can see each stroke of your sword clearly, and the character and level artwork can take your breath away.

The visuals remind me of Unruly Heroes, though the game seems to have a darker vibe and faster combat that relays on skill.

That is all we know about The Oriental Exorcist so far. You can expect the game to hit PC and PlayStation 4 in 2020.

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