Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones is a classic turn-based RPG heavily based on Lovecraft’s writings. It features all the usual themes and elements: cosmic horror, existential terrors, and a world broken beyond repair.

The game is also set to “wrap its tentacles” around your Steam account on September 26, when it comes out for PC.

After playing about an hour of Stygian at Gamescom 2018, I can say for sure that it is more than “another Lovecraftian horror game.” It takes its source material to heart and includes a lot of references those familiar with H.P.’s short stories will immediately recognize.

Another thing the game takes seriously is the fact it’s an RPG. It features an extensive character creation system, with eight different archetypes pulled from the pages of cosmic horror history. From the academic to the occultist, each has its own unique attributes, skills and belief systems.

Your character’s belief system is linked directly to the sanity system. Follow your character’s values in conversations or actions, and you’ll regain some of the sanity you lost while battling that giant mess of teeth and tentacles you encountered in the sewer.

Speaking of which, combat is as classic as they come. The turn-based 2D combat pits against cultists and otherworldly monstrosities. You can use your fists, physical weapons or mind-bending magic spells that will take a toll on your mental state.

All this is wrapped in an open-ended narrative and a hand-drawn art style, both eerie and disturbing. Lovecraft would’ve been proud.

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones arrives on Steam on September 26.

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