Blair Witch gameplay trailer shows what a good boy Bullet is

In the first Blair Witch gameplay trailer, we see protagonist Ellis exploring the Black Hills Forest together with his dog Bullet, where the two face countless horrors.

Bullet is a very good boy. You can see in the trailer how useful and adorable he is. He will lead you to important clues, fetch items, and dig up secrets. In return, all he wants are your pets and unconditional love, a price we are more than willing to pay.

The trailer also gives us glimpses of the dark atmosphere, scares and monsters we’ll experience in Blair Witch. There seem to be some locations from the movie, like Rustin Parr’s house and an abandoned campsite that might belong to the three hikers who went missing in 1994.

Bloober Team are the ones behind the game, and they are no strangers to the horror genre. However, Blair Witch’s gameplay trailer shows they are moving past their usual narrative horror experiences like Layers of Fear 2, and trying something new – something with investigation and combat.

Blair Witch is coming to PC and Xbox One on August 30.

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