The list of games available on the Switch just keeps growing. Now, two more indie titles from publisher No More Robots are coming soon to Nintendo’s console: Descenders and Not Tonight.

Let’s start with Not Tonight. This game is an indie game that takes place in a parallel world where Brexit (UK leaving the EU) has already happened. As a result, a conservative right-wing party is now ruling the country.

You play a European immigrant that works as a bouncer and security guard in parties and events, and has to earn enough money to prevent his deportation. You’ll decide who gets to go in and enjoy themselves, and who goes home in shame, all while living your life and upgrading your lousy apartment. Of course, the game won’t make your life easy, and you will have some tough chooses ahead of you.

The game was released on PC last year, and will hit the Nintendo Switch within the next few months.

The second game is more for the adrenaline seekers and cycling lovers. Descenders is a cycling simulator in which you ride down steep, procedurally-generated slopes to get to the finish line. During the game, you’ll go up and down muddy trails and rocky hills, modifying and upgrading your character and bike as you go along.

Descenders recently left Steam Early Access with four new environments to travel through, making for a total of nine different worlds. The update also allows you to see and challenge other players that are playing the same level you do.

The game is a satisfying cycling simulator that exhibits a profound feeling of speed. It also combines excellent graphics with a rhythmic soundtrack to deliver an experience that draws you in.

Just like Not Tonight, Descenders still doesn’t have a specific release date on Switch, but we believe we will see it in a matter of months. It’s available right now on both PC and Xbox One.

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