Upgrade your ramshackle wooden car and start an epic journey to catch up with summer in the aptly titled Summer Catchers.

Chu is a sweet girl from up north who dreams of seeing summer, the oceans, mountains, and a world not covered in snow. She hops into her upgradeable vehicle and cruises through wondrous levels, some of which you can see in the game’s launch trailer above.

You will have to prepare your little wooden car for each segment on your road trip. Pack up supplies and upgrade it with battering rams, speed boosters, shields and more. Collect mushrooms along the way and spend them in shops to stock your car with single-use add ons that should prove useful on your way.

Summer Catchers

The road ahead is dangerous, so you can expect to crash often or find yourself being chased by strange creatures who want to harm you. But don’t worry if you crash – you can always try again. Each level in Summer Catchers is endless in the sense that there isn’t a fail-state. If you crash your car, you can scavenge for more supplies, repair your car, and continue on your way until you reach your goals.

Road trips are always better with a friend, so Summer Catcher lets you pick up hitchhikers along the way. Just kidding, it supports drop-in/drop-out local co-op. Your buddy will be playing as Chu’s little brother – Lil Bro (how original). Lil Bro drives his trusty sidecar, and players take turns using the various add ons and tools while driving.

If you happen to crash while playing co-op, Lil Bro can explore the world and interact with NPCs and the environment in a way Chu can’t. He can discover secrets, uncover stashes of mushrooms, and find the hidden chewing gum in each stage to unleash its hidden power.

Summer Catchers

Summer Catchers is available now on Steam for PC and Mac. Nintendo Switch and mobile versions will come out in the future.

If you’re planning on going on your own road trip anytime soon, you can find the game’s soundtrack on Steam or Spotify – it should be a great companion on your travels.

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