Man of Medan trailer explains multiplayer modes so you won’t play alone

You’ll be able to play Man of Medan in both offline and online co-op when it launches on August 30.

The multiplayer trailer above explains how the 2-player online co-op mode works. This mode is called “Shared Story Mode,” and it allows you to play through the entire campaign with a friend, each one of you controlling a different character.

That means that each of you also makes separate choices that affect the way the story progresses and the fate of both you or your friend. For example, you can decide to stick together and help each other, or run and save your own skin.

The best part, in my opinion, is that playing in co-op can open up new perspectives and locations that aren’t available in the single-player experience. You’ll get to experience a scene from another character’s eyes or even discover totally new areas with more information and horrors.

If you have too many friends and can’t decide with whom to play, you can go with “Movie Night Mode.” This mode lets you play offline with a group of up to 5 players, with each one taking control of the movement, decisions, and choices of one of the five main characters. The characters aren’t on-screen at the same time, though, so you’ll have to pass around the controller.

At the end of the playthrough, your actions and impacts will be judged, and each player will get the appropriate achievements and rewards.

According to Pete Samuels, Series Director for The Dark Pictures Anthology, the team “designed Man of Medan, and every game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, from the very beginning with both single and multiplayer in mind.

That’s good to know. It means that playing Man of Medan alone or playing it with friends should yield a different experience. We’re definitely going to try it once the game is released August 30, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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