Vane is a dark, desolate and downright enchanting puzzle adventure game by Tokyo-based independent studio Friend & Foe.

The game has been available on PlayStation 4 since January, but this month it will finally flying onto Steam on July 23.

In case you haven’t been following Vane, it is an “exploratory journey” set in a desert, where players can transform between a kid and a raven to solve puzzles. In case you’re wondering, you’re a bird magically transformed into a child, not the other way around.

You clear your way through ominous caves, mysterious machinery, and harrowing storms, in an attempt to reveal the land’s secrets. As you go through this ruined world, it will begin to change, reacting to your presence and actions. What first was empty slowly fills with mysterious buildings, lights, and strange people.

Studio Friend & Foe developed the game to be a “stunning, emotional and unnerving experience” players can navigate at their own pace and path. The minimalistic environments encourage you to explore, get lost, and rediscover your way, all to the tunes of a brooding synth soundtrack.

“We’ve always known Vane was going to be something of a marmite game, as it emphasizes mood and atmosphere over more conventional gameplay mechanics,”  said art director Rasmus Deguchi. “We know it’s not a game for everyone, and that’s okay. Those looking for something a little more experimental, a little more arthouse, will find that Vane is unlike anything they’ve played before. We think a good number of PC players seek something a little more ‘out there’, and we believe Vane will satisfy that curiosity.”

Vane will be available on Steam July 23, alongside its soundtrack. The PC release includes all the updates added to the PS4 version, including more a forgiving checkpoint system, better performances, and numerous bug fixes.

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