Disintegration is a new sci-fi shooter from Halo’s co-creator

Disintegration is an upcoming first-person shooter from V1 Interactive. The studio was founded by Halo co-creator and creative director Marcus Lehto, and SOCOM director Mike Gutmann.

The teaser trailer for Disintegration raises many questions, first of which – what is the device we’re seeing? It looks like a vehicle of some sort, and it heavily resembles the design of the Booster Frames from Halo: Legends.

It makes sense, as Marcus Letho is the man behind the design of Master Chief’s armor and Halo’s overall look. He’s been with Bungie from the beginning of the saga and left a short time after the studio dropped the Halo series.

“The opportunity to create not only a new game, but this entire studio has been exhilarating,” said Lehto. “It is great to be able to share what this amazing team has been working on, and we can’t wait to introduce this new game that our team is building to the world next month.”

Publisher Private Division plans to release Disintegration in 2020, sometimes between April and December. However, we’ll get to see much more of the game at Gamescom 2019.

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