From Merge Games, the indie publisher that brought us Aragami, Brawlout, and Moonlighter, comes Stranded Sails – Explorers of the Cursed Islands. This new game features an open world, story-driven quests and a lot of exploration and farming.

Stranded Sails takes inspiration from games such as Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. But unlike these games, here you’re in the middle of the ocean.

You play as a ship’s captain who has lost all his crew after a shipwreck at sea. You are washed ashore on a mysterious set of islands and must explore, find resources, plant crops and eventual build your own farm.

As the game progresses, you reunite with your shipmates and welcome them to your new camp. You’ll meet a lot of NPCs, and you’ll help them survive through a series of quests. The story of Stranded Sails is driven by those quests that teache you how to build your camp, how the raise crops and gather food. You are going to need to work hard to maintain your crew’s happiness level while experimenting with new crops and resources to discover new ingredients and recipes.

It’s similar to a lot of the building and farming mechanics we see in other popular games in the genre, like the recent My Time At Portia.

But quests aren’t limited to taking care of yourself and your fellow survivors. The “Explorers of the Cursed Islands” subtitle is there for a reason, and you’ll go on a “vast adventure spanning numerous islands” to face supernatural threats, hunt for treasure, and solve the islands’ secrets.

Stranded Sails features a pretty big map of an entire archipelago. As a former captain, you’ll move around the map, and between the islands, on your very own boat. On the islands, you’ll find dungeons filled with enemies, new equipment and tools, and even the occasional survivor or two.

Stranded Sails – Explorers of the Cursed Islands will arrive on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year.

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