A.N.N.E launches on Early Access with a beautiful new trailer

A.N.N.E is now available on Steam Early Access, as developer Gamesbymo promised earlier this month. To celebrate, we have a new gameplay trailer for you.

The trailer gives us a taste of the kind of action and platforming we’ll be able to do: from solving platforming puzzles using five special abilities, to fighting over 20 bosses with 25 different weapons, and flying a spaceship through asteroid fields and waves to enemy ships.

The Early Access version includes three out of the five final areas, with the last to be added as development progresses. From what we’ve played so far, the current state of the game is solid, with tight controls, great visuals and engaging combat.

We highly recommend it for gamers who love old-school platformers and to explore beautiful, 8-bit open worlds. The game is very accessible to players of all levels, with auto-aim options, easy mode, and full controller support. But the A.N.N.E should also provide plenty of challenge to those looking for a more classic, hardcore experience.

A.N.N.E Early Access is currently available on PC, and the full game will also be released on the Nintendo Switch once it is complete. The Early Access version is now cheaper than the planned final price. However, prices will start rising as more and more content is added, so if you like what you see – now is the time to get in on the action.

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