Spooky Doorway, the indie dev team that brought us the hilarious Darkside Detective adventure game, is working on a new title – Sunken Spectre.

Sunken Spectre is 3D deep sea diving adventure. Unlike The Darkside Detective, this game isn’t a comedy, though it still pretty light in tone. It’s supposed to be a more family-friendly take on games like Uncharted and Tomb Raider, which I’m all for.

Sunken Spectre gameplay mockup

You will play as Jac, a ship’s captain and an undersea explorer, as she explores the Mediterranean Sea to recover ancient relics and solve the mysteries of the deep. That’s pretty much everything Spooky Doorway is willing to tell us about the game at the moment. We don’t even know which genre to expect.

A few additional bits of information can be found in the June Kickstarter Update of Darkside Detective: Season 2. Apart from what you can read above, the developers said Sunken Spectre allows them to combine their love of conspiracy theories, the ocean, pulp-era adventures, and hidden civilizations. It does so in a format that lets them “focus on exploration and storytelling.”

We also got a glimpse at the characters that will accompany Jac in her underwater adventures. We don’t know their names or roles (apart from Diane), but they are a diverse bunch. There’s even a dog, and we all know dogs are crucial to telling a good story. Hopefully, we can pet it.

Sunken Spectre characters

The studio first teased the title in February 2019, when they published a very short video of the game’s logo. The Sunken Spectre Twitter account also came to life around that time with an ominous “Bloop” sound, but since then it didn’t really have anything to say.

This is the first time we hear anything concrete about Sunken Spectre, but I’m guessing it will be quite some time before the next substantial update. They are already working on a demo, though.

In the meantime, Spooky Doorway is working on The Darkside Detective: Season 2, which should come out early 2020 for PC and Switch.

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