With endless gameplay, endless upgrades, and endless fun, Mosaic BlipBlop is the game every commuter needs on their phone.

Are you sick of staring at the floor on the subway on your way to work? Sitting on the toilet alone with your thoughts terrifies you? The prospect of engaging in conversation with another human depresses the heck out of you? Us too! That is why we were so glad to discover BlipBlop – the latest game by the Mosaic Corporation.

Blip Those Blops

In BlipBlop, you tap a button (or “blip” as the game calls it) to get Blops. What are Blops? They are a virtual currency that rewards you with in-game boosts and upgrades, but more impotently – bragging rights. Collect the most Blops, and you’ll reach the top of the leaderboards, and being on top is always better.

Collecting Blops is very, very easy. The button is responsive, and we managed to use multiple tapping techniques to accumulate Blops faster. If you keep tapping for a short period of time, you’ll enter frenzy mode, and get an additional 35% Blops for each tap. Keep going, and that bonus will go up to 70%.

When in Frenzy mode, you also get cool visual and sound effects that push you to keep going. Stop, and the music will wound down as if you just unplugged a whirling machine. It almost sounds like the game is disappointed at you, and it’s a sound I hope never to hear again.


Mosaic knows how to keep players blipping for Blops; another example is the extra 45% Blops bonus you get every time you level up. Reaching the next level is a reasonable place to stop for the day – it feels like you’ve accomplished something, and now it’s time to move on to the next thing. However, you don’t want to miss out on 45% more Blops for the 10 seconds immediately after you level up, so you keep going. Now you’re a quarter of the way to the next level, so you’ll keep going. It’s wickedly genius.

Don’t Tap Out

At first, you only get one or two Blops with every tap, but as you collect more and more of them, you’ll unlock ways to get more.

The in-game store, the place where you spend all the Blops you blip, lets you upgrade the button and generate more Blops per tap. We were able to upgrade it all the way to 1K Blops, and it’s possible to go even further. The best part? You can still tap the button while browsing the in-game store, so you can continue to blip more Blops while spending them.


But tapping a button isn’t the only way to get Blops. It’s not even the best, smartest way to go about it. The secret lies with the AutoBlip. Once you unlock the AutoBlip, BlipBlop takes a whole new life. Sure, you can keep tapping away to get your Blops (and if you’re serious about reach the top spot, you should) but your focus should be on speeding up the AutoBlip.

The AutoBlip pretty much does the work for you – it generates a certain amount of Blops every second, even when you’re not playing. You can upgrade it to go faster and to generate more Blops, and before you know it, you’ll be making millions of Blops every hour without hurting your thumbs.

But the AutoBlip doesn’t run forever. Every Blop it generates goes into a special vault, and once it fills up, you won’t be getting any extra Blops until you empty it into your bank. It gives BlipBlop elements of an Idle Game, but also forces you to strategize – are you free to empty the vault often? If not, you better invest in a bigger vault. If you are a more active player, then maybe focusing on the button is the right move for you? Every type of player will invest in different upgrades and follow a different path to level 100.

Reach level 100 and prestige

Once you reach level 100, you “prestige.” Unfortunately, that means you lose all the Blops and upgrades you gathered so far, and have to start over. But, and that’s a big but, every time you prestige you gain a permanent bonus to all the Blops you collect. Yes, it can take the wind out of your sails, but you’ll be back to having thousands, if not millions of Blops in your bank in no-time, thanks to all the bonuses.

Reasons to Get Back to Work

BlipBlop is a fun, addictive mobile game, but we do want to point out things that Mosaic Corp could have done better. Firstly, once you collect over 100K Blops in your bank, the counter starts showing progressions in the thousands. While you do get a lot of Blops per tap, you don’t get to see the counter speed up anymore, and the game becomes less enticing. We get it’s a necessity due to screen size, but it still feels like you’re slowing down.

Also, there are ads. Yes, the game is free so the company needs to make a buck somehow, but all the ads are for other products by Mosaic; it’s like they are treating BlipBlop as a marketing tool instead of the great game that it is, and it’s kind of annoying.

BlipBlop has ads

Mosaic BlipBlop is the perfect game when you’re on your way to or from work, or just need a little break from everything. It’s fast, fun, and fulfilling, and you won’t care to stop once you get started. And it definitely beats having to deal with the outside world, or make any meaningful change in your life so you won’t feel as empty…

Mosaic BlipBlop is available to download for Android and iOS devices.

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