Elden Ring fuses Dark Souls with the work of Game of Thrones author

Whenever From Software are about to announce something new, you know it’s going to be interesting. With Elden Ring, the people behind the popular Dark Souls series and recently-released Sekiro managed to exceed all expectations.

Elden Ring is intriguing not only because of what it is but also because who’s behind it. In addition to the amazing devs at From Software, we’ve got George R. R. Martin joining the writing team. R. R. Martin is, of course, the famous author of A Song of Ice and Fire – the book series Game of Thrones is based on.

The trailer above provides the only details we know, and it’s a cryptic one, to say the least. If you can tell anything about the game just by watching the video, then you’re better at this than us.

Rumors claim that the game will be far bigger and with much more content than previous From Software titles. These rumors also suggest that Elden Ring will feature a less linear world, and a main storyline based on Norse mythology.

Elden Ring is expected to release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Publisher Bandai Namco has yet to announce a release date.

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