Twelve Minutes E3 trailer shows a desperate man stuck in a time loop

Publisher Annapurna Interactive has announced it will be publishing a new game titled Twelve Minutes. The game, developed by Luis Antonio, was first revealed at the Microsoft E3 2019 Press Conference with the trailer you see above.

Twelve Minutes is an interactive thriller about a man trapped in a time loop. You play as a husband, dropped into what should be a romantic evening with his wife. Instead, dinner turns into a nightmare when a police detective breaks into their home, accuses the wife of murder and beats the man to death.

Right then, the man finds himself back at the moment he arrived home that evening, 12 minutes before his untimely death. He is now stuck in a time loop, experiencing that horrific chain of events over and over again. Players must find a way to change the outcome and break the loop, using the knowledge they gain from reliving the same scenario again and again.

Annapurna Interactive describes that game as an experience that “blends the dream-like suspense of The Shining with the claustrophobia of Rear Window and the fragmented structure of Memento.”

These are all great movies, so if Twelve Minutes can indeed live up to this description, we’re in for an interesting ride. We’ll know more as we approach the release window of 2020, when the game comes out for Xbox One and PC.

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