My Friend Pedro arrives late June, and it’s time to board the hype train

My Friend Pedro, the action game with the sentient banana and the bullet ballet, is coming to PC and Switch on June 20. That’s just two weeks away.

The incredible news comes to us in the form of a new trailer, aptly titled “Release Date Hype Train.” We’ve been riding this train since the first time I saw the game in 2016, and we’re finally approaching the final stop.

The trailer gives us another taste of My Friend Pedro’s super violent gameplay. This time, the gunman is making his way through a train full of bad guys (or at least guys he doesn’t like). It gives us an opportunity to see a few different weapons, like a dual-wielded machine pistol, an assault rifle with a grenade launcher, and a shotgun.

Slow-mo shooting, mid-air acrobatics, stylish pirouettes, and kicking of body parts into an enemy’s face are all powerful tools in your mission to kill as many foes as efficiently as possible. I bet that once you master the game’s mechanics, you’ll be able to turn whole levels into one bloody and violent dance routine. I can’t wait!

My Friend Pedro arrives June 20, on PC and Nintendo Switch. Choo-choo.

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