A.N.N.E, the open-world action platformer about two robots in love, will go on Steam Early Access starting June 18.

Developer Gamesbymo announced on the game’s Kickstarter page that A.N.N.E will be available for a reduce during the Early Access phase. That way, they are hoping to draw in more people and receive more feedback before finalizing the game.

The Early Access build will start with three large areas to explore, jump, and shoot your way through. According to developer Gamesbymo, this means around five hours of gameplay for dedicated players. As development progresses, new areas will be added for a total of five.

If you’re already playing A.N.N.E’s private build for Kickstarter supporters, you’d be happy to know there are a few updates heading your way. For example, seeking enemies can now go around walls, and passive roms and shield armors now all sport special passive abilities. A full list of updates will be featured on the next update.

Gamesbymo has also been focusing on polishing area 3’s level design, as well as tweaking enemy and boss behavior following player feedback.

To reiterate, A.N.N.E comes out on Steam Early Access on June 18, with the final experience coming sometime in September, hopefully. If all goes as planned, console version will start dropping towards the end of the year.

You can already wishlist A.N.N.E on Steam and follow it’s official Twitter account @AnneVideoGame.

We will be covering more of the game once it hits Early Access.

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