Akane is a top-down arcade slasher set in the dystopian, futuristic city of Mega-Tokyo. Become a katana-wielding samurai, striking fear into the hearts of your enemies in bright, neon-soaked arenas full of Yakuza goons.

In Akane, your death is inevitable, so before you leave this cyberpunk world, leave your mark, preferably a trail of blood, by taking as many enemies with you as possible. Everyone dies in one hit, even you, so you have to react quickly and dodge, parry, and slice your way through endless waves of goons and cyborg ninjas.

To aid you with your bloody goal, the game gives you a vast arsenal of weapons and special skills, from different guns to katanas with various abilities. You also get cigarettes (don’t smoke, kids!) that can alter the aesthetics of your special skills, gadgets that grant you a small advantage in combat, boots that change your speed and accuracy, and more.

All to kill the different types of opponents that keep swarming the arena; to quickly slaughter low-level Yakuza thugs, slash the tanks as much as possible, and avoid and assassinate the shooters. But most importantly, they help you deal with the Cyber Ninja – a cyborg killing machine, and your nemesis Katsuro, who only gets stronger each time you kill him.

The trailer above packs some gorgeous animations and artworks that play during the game’s fast-paced gameplay. It also features some of the prettiest enemy and locale design that I’ve seen in modern 8-bit games, giving you that great cyberpunk vibes. All aided with that beautiful music that lets you dive right into the action.

Akane is available right now on the Nintendo eShop. If you own any other QubicGames title, you can get the game for 50% off for a limited time. If you prefer to play it on your PC, you might want to know that Akane is already on Steam for a while now, and has gathered great player reviews.

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