Sniper Elite V2 Remastered looks good and offers all the DLC needed to enjoy the game to the fullest. And yet, it’s just not enough to make this 2012 title feel fresh.

I walk past the corpse of a Wehrmacht soldier, whose head my bullet just exploded, and find cover behind a burnt German motorcycle. Using my binoculars, I try to spot snipers in the buildings ahead of me, count the remaining enemy soldiers, and locate the next best spot where I can position myself before my target passes by. Crouched, I slip past the guards, hoping the snipers I could not see didn’t spot me. Climbing up the stairs of a half-collapsed building, I crawl through a crack to find myself right behind a drowsy Nazi guard; thank God I brought a silencer with me. Now, all there’s to do is wait for the convoy to arrive.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered review

Looking through the scope of my M1903 Springfield, I spot my target smoking a cigarette next to an army truck. As he breathes the toxic fumes, I hold mine, relax my mouse finger, and slowly pull the trigger. The bullet flies at 850 meters-per-second, spinning through the air, piercing his forehead in slow-motion and erupts at the other side of his skull with a magnificent fountain of blood, brains, and bone. By the time his body hits the ground, I release another round at the fuel tank of the truck beside him to create enough chaos for me to slip back to the shadows.

Does this scenario sound familiar? That’s probably because you already played one of the Sniper Elite games. Perhaps the latest game in the series, Sniper Elite 4, or maybe even the very game I’m talking about: 2012’s Sniper Elite V2. This is Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, and it is one of four new Sniper Elite projects developer Rebellion is currently working on.

Snipe Nazis and Snap Photos

For those of you unfamiliar with the franchise, Sniper Elite V2 is a third-person stealth shooter taking place during WWII, in which you play as American elite sniper Karl Fairburne. You parachute into Berlin to prevent Nazi V2 rocket technology from falling into the hands of the Red Army.

Karl isn’t the only playable character in the remastered version. Characters from Rebellion’s Zombie Army Trilogy are also playable in the campaign and several other modes, like 16-player multiplayer or co-op modes. The Nintendo Switch only supports 8 players in multiplayer, or 12 if everyone plays on the same local network.

With all DLC included in the remastered package, you can choose the character you wish to play and the weapons you want to kill Nazi soldiers with. DLC missions are also included, giving you a chance to assassinate Hitler himself with a brand new Photo mode.

Photo Mode allows you to pause and advance the action frame-by-frame so you can catch the exact moment the bullet hits. You can control the position of the camera, add filters, and adjust the lighting and focus. Most importantly, you can share your photos with the community, and work together to create the ultimate Nazi headshot album. And yes – you can even capture your X-Ray kill camera shots.

X-Ray in 4K

The most substantial improvement to the remastered edition is the 4K, HDR and 60 frames per second support. Shocking, I know. With modernized renderer and post-processing effects, enhanced level geometry, textures, and particle effects, plus a revamped lighting system, the visuals do looks a lot better than they did in 2012.

Starting with the weapons and characters to the surroundings and vehicles, everything is now much more vivid and realistic. It all makes returning to sniping in the streets of Nazi Germany a bit easier and helps shallow some of the more outdated mechanics of a game from 2012.

I really enjoyed the World War II scenery of Berlin, and watching a lead bullet penetrating a Nazi soldier’s skull at one end and bursting out of it on the other side in slow-motion is disturbingly satisfying. That’s just one out of many slow-motion effects polished for our pleasure.

Unfortunately, that is the only thing that was polished in Sniper Elite V2 Remastered. The in-engine cutscenes may look better, but the movements of vehicles and soldiers weren’t changed or modified. It’s the same with the gameplay mechanics, which haven’t really been updated since 2012, for better or worse. Well, maybe apart from the expanded player count in multiplayer.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered looks good; it even looks great, but it feels exactly as what it is: 2017 graphics wrapped around 2012 game mechanics. There are no significant tweaks to the gameplay itself, so if you already played Sniper Elite V2, there’s little reason to come back. Maybe the DLC; maybe. However, none of this overshadows one simple fact: Sniper Elite V2 was an excellent game back in the day, and if you haven’t played it, now is as good a time as any.

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