A Plague Tale: Innocence gameplay highlights stealth, crafting and puzzles

Developer Asobo Studios and publisher Focus Home Interactive have released a brand new A Plague Tale: Innocence gameplay video.

The uncut footage shows Amicia making her through the rat-filled streets to the local university. On the way, we can see her dealing with guards, avoiding the rats, and solving environmental puzzles using light.

Light and darkness play a huge role when navigating the world of A Plague Tale: Innocence. You can use torches, light beams and open fire to keep the rats away, but also to funnel them towards your enemies. Alternatively, you can also draw the attention of the torch-wielding guard, and let him clear the way for you.

Amicia can craft multiple items to use against both the rats and the soldiers. She can put guards to sleep with a tranquilizer, light torches from afar with an ignitor, and even upgrade her equipment. As long as you collect enough materials as you move through the level, you should have all you need to get the upper hand.

We can also see that Hugo, Amicia’s younger brother, isn’t with us. I’m guessing that the gameplay video shows an early stage in the game, before the two reunite. Hugo is an integral part of the game’s story, but he isn’t the only companion you’ll encounter throughout the adventure. Others who were “orphaned by the war and the sickness” will join you, though it isn’t clear for how long and to what purpose.

We’ll find out more about A Plague Tale: Innocence’s gameplay when the game launches on May 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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