Publisher No More Robots and the developer team at Sharkbomb Studios has announced their new game Nowhere Prophet, an “Indian-infused digital dustpunk card game.”

Nowhere Prophet is set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world, many years after an event called “The Crash” – a complete technological collapse that plunged the planet of Soma into darkness. Now, there’s finally light in that darkness; a prophecy of an untouched land, just at the edge of Soma, has given the people hope.

As the titular Nowhere Prophet, it is your job to lead a group of desperate outcasts to a safe haven, across deserts filled with rogue gangs, disturbing creatures and mad machines.

The game interestingly combines card-based combat with a tactical battle board. Each card you collect is a character, and your deck represents the convoy you lead across the wastes. When you inevitably face difficult situations and dangerous battles, they are resolved with a tactical turn-based card game with an important twist: your follower cards can take persistent wounds and even die.

Nowhere Prophet card collection is actually the convoy you lead through the wastes.

Outside of combat, you make choices that will shift the course of your journey, either filling your people with hope or draining the last bit of life from their bodies.

If you manage to survive, you can recruit new followers, find better loot, and level up your leader to improve your caravan to better face the challenges ahead. Should your convoy fail to reach its destination, you can still unlock new convoys and Prophet classes that change the way you play. Maybe next time you can survive in the procedurally-generated map long enough to reach the mysterious Crypt.

Nowhere Prophet is designed and developed by Martin Nerurkar under the label Sharkbomb Studios, with the help of art director Anjin Anhut who has helped shape the visual design of the game from the start.

Nowhere Prophet will launch on PC, Mac and Linux through Steam in Summer 2019, and on consoles in 2020. Players can now sign up for the closed beta, happening in May, on the game’s official Discord server.

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