The Superbug Initiative is a new, free update that will allow you to play the chaotic sim Two Point Hospital in co-op. The free update will arrive on Steam on April 30.

Two Point Hospital’s co-op feature will let players work with their friends on local, small scale projects, or with the entire game community on global ones. These projects are basically a series of challenges players must complete together. Each one consists of several connected nodes that offer different challenges to work on in your own hospital.

When enough players have completed a challenge, a new node will open and with it a new task. Succeeding in these tasks will unlock “cutting edge technology and rare items” for your and your friends’ hospitals.

Two Point Studios promises new challenges will be added after the update’s launch, so players will also have new reasons to come back and play with their friends.

As I said, Superbug Initiative will be available for everyone for no additional cost starting April 30. However, if you wish to try it early, you can already download the beta version of the update through Steam. All you have to do is go to your Two Point Hospital copy on Steam, locate the “Properties” tab and select the “betas” section.

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