Annapurna Interactive has released a teaser trailer for Telling Lies, the new game by Her Story creator Sam Barlow.

The story revolves around four people and a mysterious incident that connects them all together. You will ramage through secretly recorded videos in an attempt to connect the dots and unravel the truth.

In Telling Lies, you sit in front of a laptop screen and watch recorded footage, similar to what you did in Her Story. This time, however, this isn’t a police investigation of one or two women. The laptop is full of stolen videos, secretly recorded by the NSA over two years, showing the intimate lives of four unknown individuals. Your mission is to go over the database and assemble the pieces of the full story.

If we take a look at the laptop screen, we can see the UI is fairly similar to that of Her Story. You need to search for specific keywords to discover new videos until the chain of events becomes clear. Telling Lies builds on Barlow’s previous title and increases the complexity by making the player follow not one, but four storylines.

We can also see text and PDF files that will undoubtedly help the player understand the game mechanics and perhaps provide some clues.

Telling Lies laptop

Since Telling Lies is an interactive movie, all characters are played by actors. The star performers are Logan Marshall-Green (Upgrade, Spider-Man Homecoming), Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Apocalypse), Kerry Bishé (Argo, Scrubs) and Angela Sarafyan (Westworld).

Telling Lies is due out later this year on PC, through Steam.

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