System Shock 3 teaser gives us a first glimpse of SHODAN 3.0

System Shock 3 was revealed in 2015 for PC and consoles. Since then, developer Otherside Entertainment stayed quiet. Now, we finally have the first ever video footage from the game.

The teaser video shows a couple of potential enemies, including a mutated human and a security robot – enemies that should be familiar to anyone who played the previous two games in the series. In the last few seconds, we see SHODAN, the series iconic AI villain, threatening the player in her modern new look.

The System Shock 3 teaser trailer was unveiled as part of Unity’s GDC 2019 keynote, which of course means the game runs on Unity. That’s literally the only thing we know about the game at the moment.

We don’t even know who’s going to publish the game since Starbreeze has recently sold the publishing rights back to Otherside Entertainment in February. I guess we’ll have to wait for more info to become available.

In the meantime – enjoy the teaser trailer.

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