After Persona 5’s great success that even got it nominated on our best RPG games of 2017, emerges a new game inspired by its design and themes – Chromatose, currently on Kickstarter until April 11.

Chromatose is an RPG and 2D graphic novel hybrid that takes place in a mysterious nightmarish coma world. The plot begins when the protagonist Leroy wakes up in a hospital with no memories. A mysterious woman by his bed tells him that he had experienced a terrible fall which induced his coma. Oh, and that he is still deep in it.

Along the game, Leroy travels around the hospital and finds more people who are trapped, like him, in this coma world. Naturally, as a protagonist, he is trying to save them. The project was created by Akabaka (which means “red idiot” in Japanese), an independent developer from Baltimore that initially created Chromatose as a tabletop campaign for his friends.

An Early Wake-up Call

Even though Chromatose’s Kickstarter campaign went up only recently, Akabaka has already published a free demo (with a “name your own price” option), featuring three sub-worlds and roughly two hours of content. You’ll spend this time in a sunken school, bloody battleground and other locations we will not reveal so not to spoil your experience.

In the demo, as well as in the full game, you’ll fight horror creatures using action cards in different colors. At first, the deck will contain only black cards that belong to the main character. But as the game progresses and you meet new characters, more colors and abilities will be added to your deck. Using cards to fight monsters doesn’t mean slow gameplay – the battles in Chromatose are quick with a short time limit, which you can increase using certain cards.

The design, which was inspired by games such as ATLUS’ Persona 5 and Catherine, looks great, and the player can easily distinguish between interactable and non-interactable objects. The musical escort fits the game’s theme in any given moment, immersing you dipper into the plot.

Chromatose’s creator also takes pride in the meaningful and challenging decisions players will face, coupled with the relationships the player creates with the other characters. An excellent example of an in-game choice is the questionnaire you have to fill at the beginning of the game, choosing the answer you believe to be more accurate. Your answers will influence several game factors, including the ending.

At Campaign’s End

In the full version, Chromatose will feature ten sub-worlds for you to explore. Every character you’ll meet will have their own story to tell and obstacles that you as Leroy will have to help them to over-coma. You’ll be glad to hear that you’ll be free to wonder about the world and encounter the other characters in an order you like.

The Kickstarter campaign has social stretch goals, such as discord subscribers, retweets and fan-art creation, as well as financial stretch goals. With enough social stretch goals fulfilled, Akabaka will release another demo character, add a harder difficulty and even insert a New Game+ mode. The financial stretch goals include only partial character dubbing, with more stretch goals to unlock as more backer money rolls in.

For more details, head over to Chromatose’s Kickstarter page. If you find it interesting and wish to play on PC when it comes out, back it and be a part in its creation.

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