Freebird Games, the creators of the emotional adventure game To The Moon, are working on several new “carefully crafted stories.” However, there’s one they really want to share with us – Impostor Factory.

Impostor Factory is a thriller-mystery about a series of bloody murders that uses one of my favorite plot devices and gameplay – a time-loop that resets events over and over again; kind of like the one we see in the fantastic adventure game The Sexy Brutale.

The new game should be familiar to fans of Freebird Games’ previous titles: To the Moon and Finding Paradise. However, the studio does mention it represents a “stark shift” from their usual story structure style.

Impostor Factory is due out on PC sometime in 2020.

In addition to the new title announcement, Freebird revealed they are releasing Paper Memories, a new 50-page comic book with stories from both To The Moon and Finding Paradise. The book is now available on Steam.

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