Do you remember your first real job? I sure can – I was a lowly QA in a financial technology company, testing out automatic payment systems. It wasn’t fun. Still, I had it better than Brian Pasternack in Yuppie Psycho.

Yuppie Psycho is an upcoming indie horror game by Baroque Decay. It is about the terrors of working a steady 9-to-5 job where you can enjoy a living wage, full access to a photocopier, and blood-orgy Tuesday.

Brian is a young man with no future, living in a dystopian 90s society. When he lands an entry-level job at a giant at one of the world’s largest corporations, Sintracorp, he can’t believe his luck. Whoever, his luck is about to change when he learns about his first task – kill the Witch. The Witch is a strange entity roaming the halls of Sintracorp. She was responsible for the companies success all those years ago, but now she’s back to torment its employees.

As Brian, you’ll explore the different floors at Sintracorp, and avoid the terrible creatures that lurk there. As we see in the trailer, these include killer lips, frogmen, and a paper-shredder with hands. There are also zombies because of course there are – you can’t make a game about capitalism and not have zombies in it.

You’ll also engage in watercooler conversation and learn all about your fellow corporate drones, and their sordid, blood-soaked secrets. The description on Yuppie Psycho’s Steam page mentions decisions that affect the story, which is always nice. Now we only need to hope they will indeed have any meaningful impact, and perhaps lead us to different endings, a common trait in old-school survival horror titles.

On top of it all, you’ll, of course, need to hunt the Witch and kill her to keep your job. You’ll find clues, solve riddles, discover new paths – all without letting her catch you. Hopefully, she won’t just randomly spawn in your area and mercilessly hunt you down like some raincoat-wearing behemoth we know (it’s Mr. X from Resident Evil 2. we don’t like Mr. X here).

Are you ready to unravel the hidden secrets of Sintracorp’s dark past? Yuppie Psycho comes out on PC, on April 25.

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