The Occupation gameplay trailer shows intense journalistic action

The Occupation is a “fixed-time, investigative thriller,” that takes place in the politically charged atmosphere of 1987 England. We covered all that before if you want to read more about The Occupation’s setting.

We’re here to show you the game’s new gameplay trailer that takes us through the process of uncovering leads and investigating sources. In the video, journalist Harvey Miller sneaks, climbs, spies and questions his way to obtain crucial evidence he can then use to pressure a government official for information.

The great thing about The Occupation gameplay trailer is how open it makes the game look. It’s not a vast open-world, but there are plenty of things you can do and ways to do them. For example, in the video, Miller breaks into an office via the scaffoldings outside the window, but he could have also found the door combination or snuck through a service vent. That is assuming he even decides to go into the office at all.

The “fixed-time” part of The Occupation’s description means that every hour that goes by in the real world is an hour in-game. You only have 4 hours to complete your investigation, so you’ll have to think carefully about the route you want to take, because chasing false leads is a waste of precious time.

We’re guessing The Occupation is built for multiple playthroughs, and will have different endings depending on how much you manage to uncover. It should be interesting to try out all available routes while trying to find the one that yields the best results.

Hopefully, we’ll get more The Occupation gameplay trailer before the game is out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 5.

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