We all know that if your date doesn’t involve deadly traps, huge slime monsters, and dragons – it’s not a real date. Luckily, Tower Princess is an action platformer, roguelite, souls-like, dating simulator, that has all of those elements and more, so you can finally have that perfect date.

Tower Princess is an indie game by a Spanish indie trio named AweKteaM. They aim to bring all the lovely bits of iconic gaming from their childhood together to form a humorous take on the tale of a knight, a dragon and a princess.

After receiving an incredible 95% approval on Square Enix Collective, Tower Princess has finally entered its Kickstarter campaign on February 5.

I’ve Come for You

In Tower Princess, there’s a queue of knights standing in line to save the princesses. Every time you die, you get to play the next knight, in roguelite fashion. Whenever you start your journey up the tower, you’ll be playing a new knight with one of three constitutions – light, balanced, or heavy, which have a different balance between health and mobility.

The Tower Princess Kickstarter page teases the team’s ideas for upgrades: the knights will be able to use different weapons, from a mace and shield to a bastard sword or a musket, with upgrade trees for offense and defense. Apart from allowing for different combat styles, these weapons will also let you open different secrets within the dungeon.

Tower Princess is aiming to play somewhere between a roguelite Dark Souls and Crash Bandicoot, and combine platforming with tough melee battles.

Tower Princess

The Fairest of Them All

In Tower Princess, you will be saving a princess from a tower, as you probably guessed from the title. You’ll then be taking her out on a dangerous date as you escape the tower and slay the dragon.

This immediately takes me back to the scene in Shrek where the loveable ogre rescues Fiona, and together they escape from the dragon guarding her castle in an epic escape sequence.

But in Tower Princess, you have different princesses to save. You have a human princess, a zombie princess, a vampire prince and even a kobold princess, each with unique abilities and personality. You will have to consider this to win their hearts if you want to have the perfect date.

Tower Princess

Not Without a Fight

To successfully save the princesses from the tower, you’ll have to cut your way through the various dangers and domains. Each domain will have its own enemies and boss battles, including a sentient mushroom piloting a mechanical body, and a pyromancer pig chef.

Besides the enemies, you’ll also have to avoid traps and ascend moving platforms, like many other action platformers. So far the team has demonstrated trap doors, bounce pads, rotating fans that blow you away, and floor spikes.

Since one of the main inspirations for the developers AweKteaM is Legend of Zelda, you can expect puzzles, switches, and other creative challenges to pop up as you explore the different halls of the tower.

Tower Princess

It’s a Whole New World

The Tower Princess Kickstarter campaign showcases cooperative play, letting you bring a friend to help you save the princesses.

In addition, AweKteaM has already released a very early demo of Tower Princess, which you can download from Itch. While it showcases gameplay at a pre-alpha stage, it can give you a good sense of what the game might feel like when the project is completed.

I personally have been following the project on twitter for a long time, so I knew I had to back this right away. The combination of humor, platforming and Zelda inspirations make this something that I knew I couldn’t pass on.

If successfully funded, Tower Princess will release early 2020 for PC. Depending on which stretch goals are met, the game will also appear on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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