Neat pixel art, classic Zelda gameplay and bold themes are just a few of the elements that get me excited for a new indie game, and from the moment I saw the Sparklite teaser trailer, I knew it was one of those games.

Sparklite is a steampunk roguelite inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, in which you play an engineer named Ada, lost in a strange land.

This mysterious land experiences occasional powerful earthquakes, known as distortions, making the world rearrange itself, creating different paths to explore, just like any good roguelike or roguelite.

But exploring this ever-changing landscape won’t be easy, as Ada will be facing gremlin invaders led by an evil entity that goes by the name “The Baron,” bent on draining the land from its life-blood known as the Sparklite.

Since our player character Ada is an engineer, Sparklite will require to invent and craft tools and weapons to overcome puzzles and enemies.

While we only know very little about Sparklite so far, we know that the team at Red Blue Games is working hard on making it approachable and light. With inspirations like the amazing Rogue Legacy, we can expect a good sense of progression, combined with action and humor. We can also expect minigames as well as well as puzzles and battles.

Sparklite is set to arrive on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch this fall. Until then, you can enjoy a collection of screenshots below.

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