If Prince of Persia, Another World, Flashback or Captain Claw are some of your favorite retro games, you should really keep an eye out on, or even back, Lunark – a cinematic 2D platformer on a new Kickstarter campaign.

Solo indie dev Johan Vinet develops this ambitious game. Vinet has contributed to previous successful indie games including Flinthook, Shovel Knight Showdown, and Rivals of Aether.

Beyond the Solar System

After the earth eventually becomes inhabitable, humans travel to a new hospitable planet by using the moon itself as a vessel. This ark on the moon is hence named Lunark, a combination of the words Luna and Ark.

Aboard this moon ark, an AI named Noah (like Noah’s Ark) is programmed to guide the humans to their new home. Unfortunately, when they arrive, they find the planet is already occupied.

Lunark tells the story of Leo, a rejected orphan that the Kickstarter page describes as “different.” We can only assume he has some alien heritage, as creator Vinet explains that “you’ll retrace your origins” as you play Leo.

As things get heated up, Leo finds himself amidst a rebellion, just like all these futuristic games often have. Vinet also promises a cast of colorful characters on either side of the escalating conflict.

Prince of a Dark Future

Lunark claims to be a cinematic platformer like Prince of Persia, but with the modern quality of life features we all got used to since the ’80s.

You’ll jump, roll and hang from various environments, be it a futuristic megalopolis or alien ruins. It looks like there will be many intriguing areas to explore in Lunark, all beautifully animated thanks to Vinet’s meticulous and detailed work.

Lunark already hit over 35% of its goal, and creator Vinet has promised to reveal new stretch goals as the project receives more backers.

If backing is successful, Lunark is expected to arrive early 2020 to PC.

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