Degrees of Separation gameplay video solves puzzles with heat and cold

Developer Moondrop and publisher Modus Games have released a new gameplay video for the puzzle platformer Degrees of Separation. In the video, the game’s producer walks us through a few short segments of the game, while explaining about the core gameplay elements.

We learn how the two main characters, Ember and Rime, can manipulate the environment just by existing. Ember brings warmth to everywhere she goes, and can active steam vents and light fires. Rime, on the other hand, freezes everything he touches and can turn water into solid ice platforms or cause mechanisms to get stuck.

The two explore their worlds and relationship through a series of non-linear levels. Each level represents a stage in the couple’s relationship, and introduce a new mechanic. In the video, we see how the players use the magical barrier that separates them as a platform one character can stand on. In another level, the same barrier explodes everytime Ember and Rime get too close to each other in a force that can destroy obstacles.

Degrees of Separation is meant to be played in two-player co-op, either online or local co-op. You can still play it in single-player, but the fact the game comes out on Valentine’s Day hints at exactly who is supposed to play this game together.

Degrees of Separation will be available on PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 14.

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