Bury Me, My Love is an ” instant messaging narrative game” about the Syrian civil war, and one refugee’s journey to find safety in Europe.

The story is told via text messages between a Syrian migrant named Nour and her husband Majd who was forced to stay behind. We experience the game through the eyes of the husband, with the app being the only way the two can contact each other.

A lot of the time you’ll need to help Nour decide how to proceed. Should she stay in a refugee camp for a few more days in the hopes they will reopen the border, or leave and look for a different way? How should she travel? What risks should she take? Nour won’t always listen or even share the whole story with you until a few days later – just like a text conversation with an actual person.

Alongside the text messages, you receive photos with a beautiful hand-drawn style, that detail Nour’s journey and current location.

Bury Me, My Love gameplay

According to the developer, Bury Me, My Love tales a fictitious story, but one that’s inspired by real-life refugees and their testimonies. Specifically, the story of Dana, as told through her WhatsApp messages in a piece by Le Monde journalist Lucie Soullier.

Bury Me, My Love is already available on mobile devices since 2017, but now you can play it on PC and Nintendo Switch as well. You can find more about it on the game’s official site.

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