FutureGrind is a game about neon lights and driving a futuristic motorbike that can grind on rails, pull off tricks, and help you battle evil corporations.

The indie game is developed by the Canadian duo Milkbag Games and has you driving different kinds of bikes with colorful, luminescent wheels.

By grinding rails, flipping over and carefully timing multiple jumps, you maneuver your futuristic bike throughout different levels, while racking up points. But this won’t be an easy task; to survive your futuristic grind, you will need to keep to the rails matching the color of your wheels. Hit one that’s the wrong color, and it’s bye bye wheel.

The launch trailer suggests that there may be devious powers at work, as with many cyberpunk game. It looks like you’ll be grinding rails and racking up points to take down some sort of evil corporation.

With over 30 unique tracks to grind and five unlockable bikes, FutureGrind is going to be a test of skill through multiple game modes. FutureGrind will incorporate an instant restart feature which will help you compete for best scores and times with ease, or to try and complete a story mode level with even more finesse.

The game seems to be drawing from both platform and rhythm-based games and will be packing an original bass-heavy soundtrack by bignic.

FutureGrind will be grinding on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on the dark future that is January 22.

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