The Last Night is an indie cyberpunk platformer first announced in 2017 – one that we are really looking forward to playing.

Sadly, creator and game director Tim Soret has revealed that the game has run into “massive business, legal and funding issues.” So much so, that the studio Odd Tales had to cancel a new trailer planned to air during The Game Awards 2018 last month. It would have been the first trailer since its reveal.

Soret has posted the unfortunate news on Twitter, right after another tweet celebrating Odd Tale’s achievements in 2018. The studio has doubled in size and moved to a new office in central London, where development on the game was proceeding according to plan thanks to a raise to its budget.

But then came the fall and the problems mentioned earlier. Odd Tales is currently raising funds for The Last Night and is reaching out to potential investors for help.

It isn’t clear what’s going to happen to the game in 2019, but hopefully, Odd Tales can secure the money they need to bring this intriguing post-cyberpunk title to life. We’ll do our best to keep you updated.

On the Steam page, The Last Night is described as having the “soul of a cinematic platformer with the heart of a sci-fi thriller.” It follows the everyday life of Charlie, a second-class citizen surrounded by a gamified world he can’t experience for himself. One day, Charlie gets an opportunity to take charge of his apathetic, pointless existence. Judging by all the gunfire, police drones and general violence, it seems that things didn’t necessarily improve for him.

The Last Night is in development for PC and Xbox One, with a release date listed as TBA.

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