Close to the Sun trailer takes us to Nikola Tesla’s terrifying science ship

In Close to the Sun, you play journalist Rose who’s trapped aboard a vast ship called Helios built by Nikola Tesla. Yes, that Nikola Tesla.

You are there to find Rose’s sister, and to figure out what has happened aboard the Helios. I don’t know much, but the Close to the Sun announcement trailer suggests it may have something to do with time travel and psychotic killers with sharp knives.

The Helios is a huge, floating laboratory, where scientist can perform their experiments away from the public’s prying eyes. And probably those of the government and any other regulatory body too concerned with ethics and human rights.

As is always the case with science and video games, something goes terribly array, and the ship goes into lock-down, under the order of Tesla himself. He appears to be Close to the Sun’s Andrew Ryan equivalent, though it’s not clear whether he’s the bad guy (sure seems like it though).

This is a horror game where rather than shooting or clobbering monsters, you explore, solve puzzles and occasionally run for your life. I actually got to spend some time with Close to the Sun, and I can tell you it has an intriguing mystery and its core, a stunning art deco design, and some seriously intense chase sequences.

I’m looking forward to playing the entire game when Close to the Sun comes out in 2019.

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