In a surprise announcement, publisher Annapurna Interactive has revealed that Ashen is now available on both PC and Xbox One.

Right now, the PC version is exclusive to the new Epic Store but is expected to reach Steam in the future. Maybe.

Ashen is a co-op action role-playing game set in a world with no sun. The recent rebirth of a mythical bird, known only as the Ashen, brought back the light to the dark, ash-covered plains. But the world of Ashen is still a harsh one, where nothing lasts too long, including the bonds you make with other players.

Developer A44 chose to use this dreary world they build to focus on relationships. As you explore and fight your way through the brutal open world, you’ll randomly encounter other players. You can decide to work together, form a party or walk away.  There’s no PvP, but you can still try and lead other players to their doom if you’re keen on being an asshole.

If you rather avoid people, you can still meet NPCs out in the world an invite them back to your camp. They too can help you build a better shelter, and have a plethora of crafting skills that can aid you in the fight against evil.

And evil is everywhere in Ashen. The enemies and creatures you encounter are dangerous, and you’ll have to learn how to take them down if you want to survive long. Combat is based on the stamina system we know from the Souls series and is supposed to be equally punishing.

Ashen is currently available on Xbox One as a standalone purchase or with Xbox Game Pass, and on PC as an Epic Store exclusive.

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