Giant Squid, the developer of the relaxing underwater journey Abzu, has announced a new title called The Pathless. It’s about an archer journeying through a vast forest to combat the curse of darkness that grips this beautiful world.

You’re not going on this journey alone. You are accompanied by an eagle that will guide you and help you hunt the evil spirits that hide in the woods.

The Pathless seems very different than Giant Squid’s previous games. They both look amazing, but while Abzu is all about taking your time to appreciate your surroundings and advance at your own pace, The Pathless seems to be much more intense and action drive.

The game’s debut trailer mostly shows the archer running forward, towards an unknown destination. So much so that at first I thought this is a platformer or even an endless runner.

However, in the official description, Giant Squid notes that we’ll be exploring misty forests, solving puzzles in ancient ruins and testing our skills in epic battles. So apparently there’s more to The Pathless than what the trailer shows.

Unfortunately, the trailer and a short marketing blurb are all we have to go on right now. If you head over to the game’s official site, you won’t find anything else, apart for some amazing-looking screenshots. We liked them so much, we embedded them below for you to see and enjoy.

The Pathless is coming out 2019 for PC and PlayStation 4.

The Pathless

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